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Gladiator 2030 Hp - 1905-1907
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Gladiator 2030 Hp - 1905-1907

Gladiator 2030 Hp - 1905-1907

Gladiator was founded as a maker of bicycles in 1891 but was bought five years later by a british syndicate that added motorcycles and automobiles to the line under the name clement, gladiator and humber (france) ltd. Even after adolphe clement left the company in 1903, gladiator continued to make cars under the clement name as well as its own, forcing him to call his own cars clement-bayards.

Specifications performance
Top speed of about 30 mph engine typedrivetrain: In-line 4-cylinder displacement 3.0 l power rating 30 hp transmission 3-speed manual

About vehicle
One to four cylinders the first gladiator had a rear-mounted single-cylinder engine in a tubular chassis and handlebar steering. By 1899 the companys models had front-mounted aster engines, steering wheels, two-speed transmission by foot pedals and final drive by chain. Gladiator marketed its first four-cylinder models in 1902, equipped with 2.1- and 2.7-litre engines said to be made by the company itself. imposing and well-constructed the 2030 hps three-litre, four-cylinder engine was an aster unit, however. Gladiator chassis frames of this period could be of either armored wood or pressed steel. The 2030 was imposing and well-constructed but heavy and poor performing. Vinot et deguingand bought gladiator in 1909 and transferred production to its factory. Later gladiators were practically identical to vinots, but the name persisted until 1920.
Shown here is a 1907 gladiator 2030phaeton with seating for four passengers. The round radiator vaguely resembled the mercedes grille.

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