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Bugatti Type 57c Galibier - 1936-1939
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Bugatti Type 57c Galibier - 1936-1939

Bugatti Type 57c Galibier - 1936-1939

For a combination of speed and elegance, no sedan could match the supercharged bugatti type 57c in its galibier body. Since only about 105 57cs were made in any form, this sedan is rare as well as beautiful. Designed by ettore bugattis son, jean, the galibier cars were bodied either at the factory or by gangloff, the coachmaker closely associated with bugatti.

Specifications performance
Top speed of about 105 mph engine typedrivetrain: Twin-overhead-cam, in-line supercharged 8 displacement 3,257 cc power rating 160 hp transmission 4-speed manual chassis: Suspension by semielliptic front and reversed quarter-elliptic rear leaf springs; Cable-operated (1936-37) or hydraulic (1938-39) drum brakes; About 2,535 lbs. (chassis only).

About vehicle
Pillarless first version there were two versions of this sedan, both on a lengthy 130-in. Wheelbase. The first was pillarless and really a two-door, since only the front doors opened. It had rear skirts, vertical louvers on the sides and a spare tire that was encased inside a raised portion of the bodyshell instead of simply being mounted on the trunk. Supercharging raised the top speed to about 105 mph. more streamlined for 1938 the galibier became a four-door pillared model with window vents and a larger interior. The trunk retained its volume by extending the rear of the body and moving the metal-encased spare tire to the left front fender. The rear skirts were eliminated and the headlights were faired into the fenders. Horizontal louvers replaced the vertical ones. The result was a more streamlined look.
The 1938 type 57c bugatti galibier sedan had a supercharged eight-cylinder engine and a beautiful streamlined body.

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